What I do

Star Banner Games is dedicated to the development of meaningful videogames and other digital experiences. In the future I plan to explore the field of Science Fantasy a lot. I also have a fresh take on procedural generation and how to use it for storytelling. For now my games will be on mobile, but I intent to switch to PC as soon as I have established Star Banner Games further.

The Vision

Since the early days of humanity, people have told stories. These narratives possess immense power over us. In the right conditions they can even change lives. It is my highest ambition to be able to use these mythological forces as a way to bring inspiration and understanding. Star Banner Games is an attempt to move past games as pure distractions and create experiences that transcend the screen to fuel the spirit.

All that being said, this is a vision and I work on almost no budget. Keep that in mind for my first games ;P

About ME

Hey there! My name is Nanda and I'm the founder of Star Banner Games. I started making games in 2013 and instantly fell in love with it. Despite dropping out of highschool, I got lucky enough to be able to study Games Programming at the SAE Institute in Vienna. There I obtained a Diploma and am still working on my Bachelor. While going to college I also worked part time at Cybershoes and later NXRT. Now I finally feel like I'm skilled enough to go indiependent. Lets see how it works out ;)

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